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A synopsis of our residential project successes

03 May, 2010

  • Asipac first talked about affordable housing back in February 2007, at the peak of the boom. Most developers laughed at us. In September 2007, Asipac conceived, planned and launched My Haveli at Jaipur, the first Affordable Housing Project of this century.  Our unique idea for the project launch broke a Guinness World Record.  450 apartments were sold in a Tier-II city like Jaipur in just 70 days, during the beginning of recession.  The media coverage about this project led to hundreds of developers across India launching affordable housing projects. 
  • In a city where the largest Villas ever sold were of 4500 square feet, Asipac planned and launched Villas of 7650 to 16,000 square feet.  Over 25% of the Villas were sold by Asipac in less than 2 months from the launch.  In a survey of the rich & famous in the city 45 days after the launch, 57% of the respondents recalled the Brand – without any local advertising for the project.
  • In October 2009, during a period of deep recession for the Indian (and global) real estate industry, Asipac’s marketing strategy and communication campaign helped Patel Realty sell 1100+ apartments in their Smondoville project at Electronics City, Bangalore, in just 50 days. This project’s sales alone comprised >55% of all residential apartments sold across Bangalore during that period, and helped revive the residential RE market.  We created a new term called SMONDO, which is now used by several developers.
  • Residential Real Estate has to be sold on a price per square foot, they all said – Asipac proved them wrong – we have sold Rs.150 crores of homes on a unit price basis.


For a mall to succeed, there cannot be “landlords” and “tenants” – rather, there have to be “infrastructure partners” and “retail operating partners”