Planning & Pre-Leasing

Failing to Plan is Planning to Fail

  • Market Demand and Throughput Analysis; On-going Retail Trends Analysis.
  • Trade & Tenancy Mix Planning with Rent Modeling Optimization (based on catchment fit, footfall frequency drivers & revenue maximization).
  • Programmatic Space Planning and Development of Architects & Engineers Brief. 
  • Assist Client in Identification, Selection and Appointment of Architect; Briefing of the Architect.
  • Design Process Management (including mall specific services design).
  • Development of Strategic Letting Plan (“SLP”) on the schematic architectural plans.
  • Formulation of List Price Structure based on the SLP.
  • Development of Letting Pitch Presentation (“LPP”). 
  • Development of content for Flyer/Leaflet/Brochure as well as Project Website.


Our highly experienced retail facility planners prepare a research-based facility program and architect’s brief, based on local market catchment demographic and economic analysis. They then collaborate extensively with the project architects and services consultants in helping them develop the ideal concept and schematic design, incorporating programmatic space requirements, design criteria, anchor store requirements, specific retailer requirements as well as projected traffic flow and usage patterns.