Our Mission, Beliefs, Values and Strengths


By providing ideas and solutions that create maximum value for our clients, Asipac is South Asia's leading mall advisory firm and the most acclaimed marketing strategist for all types of real estate projects. We shall consolidate and strengthen this position. We will also strive to become the leading Shopping Centre Asset Managers by 2015. In the process, we will catalyze the development of world-class retail infrastructure in this part of the world, and continue to invest in superior resources and knowledge.

Beliefs and Values

  • Clients are our reason for being.
  • Practice honesty, integrity and transparency.
  • Deliver highest quality service at a cost that illustrates economical value to the clients we serve.
  • Help create meaningful urban infrastructure.
  • Demonstrate responsible stewardship of the financial resources (clients' budgets) entrusted to us.
  • Create a work environment where knowledge and ideas are shared, where challenges are embraced and where people are empowered.
  • Attract people who are intelligent, inquisitive, passionate, creative, responsible and hard working.

Our Strengths

  • Strategic Grounding
  • Experience across South and West India
  • Deep Market Knowledge
  • Research-driven Delivery
  • Relationship-based Teamwork
  • Client Focus
  • Integrity & Transparency
  • Malls with multiple owners are recipes for disaster.
  • More parking means more footfalls, more footfalls means higher sales.
  • For a mall to succeed, there cannot be “landlords” and “tenants” – rather, there have to be “infrastructure partners” and “retail partners”.
  • Good Strategic Retail Facility Planning is KEY to a mall’s success.
  • A mall is not a real estate project – it has to be run like a hotel or airport business.
  • Trade & Tenancy Mix Planning has to be specific to the mall’s catchment.
  • A mall’s tenant mix has to cater to a large share of the consumers’ shopping basket.
  • The inside of a mall is more important than its outside.
  • Less than 25% of malls will actually succeed.
  • Footfall Frequency Drivers are as important as high rent payers.
  • Leasing has to be done in accordance with a Strategic Letting Plan.
  • In the Indian context, accessibility to a mall is much more important than LOCATION.
  • Success of a Mall is directly proportional to the number of Car Parks.
  • A 1,000,000 sft Mall has a better chance to succeed than two 350,000 SFT Malls in the same location.
  • Retail works best with hospitality and offices, less with residential.
  • All large office parks / complexes should have some retail, especially F&B
  • We need to plan for 8-12 lane inter-city expressways and 6-10 lane access-controlled intra-city highways, if India does not want to STOP GROWING in 4-5 years.
  • Main roads in urban layouts/colonies should be 45m wide, not 30m; other secondary roads should be 18-24m wide, not 9-12m like today. All sidewalks/pavements should be minimum 2.4m wide.
  • All Parks / water bodies should be provided with ample parking spaces.
  • Water will become costlier than diesel if we continue like we are for the next 30 years.
  • It should be made compulsory for all real estate developments over 2 million SFT to put captive power generation facilities.
  • Government should encourage development of new satellite townships of 3000 to 20,000 acres each, within 30 Kms of airports in Tier-III cities.  This should only be tendered to pre-qualified consortia where the lead investor (with minimum 33% stake) has minimum annual revenues of Rs.30 billion and minimum net worth of Rs.10 billion.
  • Cities should permit up to 6.0 FAR/FSI in the CBDs, so that infrastructure costs are kept low.
  • Consuming maximum permissible FAR/FSI is not always the most profitable answer – in some cases, LESS can be MORE.
  • There is no need to sell on “Super” Built-up Area – the customer is not a fool.


My admiration for Asipac has gone up even more with the fantastic launch of Mantri Square – the best I have even seen in India. The mall will be one of the greatest malls and a leader.

Dilip Kapur, President, Hidesign